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Ski Snowflake
antique skis, acrylic,
satin varnish
52” x 52”
by Mary Williams


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Hilary DePolo
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Hilary DePolo has successfully provided art consulting and art asset management to a broad variety of clients and Fortune 500 Companies.






Quaking Aspen Trunk
 photography by Todd Winslow Pierce


   Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center


Rear lobby featuring:
Nature Studies
oil and mixed media on board
30” x 35"
by Carol Redmond


  Beaver Run Resort is one of the most popular ski resorts in Colorado. In addition to first-class skiing and accommodations, the resort is home to an award winning Conference Center.

A nature inspired theme informs all of the artwork. To the left is a commissioned work by Denver artist, Carol Redmond. Her work combines shapes and forms from the natural world, such as pods, spirals, and eggs, with those from our artificial world, such as text and grids. The work is sensitive and quiet within the space. But it is the juxtaposition of nature and artifice, confidently arranged in a grid, that demands our attention.

The main lobby of the resort is impressive, with a stone fireplace and exposed wood beams capturing the romance of winter in Colorado. For the seating area, we commissioned a painting by Tim Deibler, a Walsenburg, CO artist.

Tim created a classic Colorado scene – a mountain creek running through a snow-laden clearing in the mountains. His painting helps us to recall the beauty of our state and to appreciate nature’s reflective and healing properties.

The painting is lit from above and secured to the stone, insuring that generations of skiers will be able to appreciate this relaxing setting.


Main lobby seating featuring:
Ten Mile Creek
oil on canvas
18” x 30”
by Tim Deibler

Spencer’s Restaurant seating featuring:
powder-coated steel
28” x 28”
by Stephen McSpadden

  Spencer’s Restaurant, at the base of Beaver Run’s Peak 9, is a favorite dining destination for skiers and non-skiers alike. The food is contemporary and artfully made…and the artwork follows suit.

A series of colorful photographs by Buena Vista, CO artist, Sandy Horrocks– details of flowers, needles, water – are paired with monochrome steel sculptures by Denver artist, Stephen McSpadden, throughout the restaurant. The intimacy of the artwork helps to create the low-lit, unassuming environment that skiers, after a long day on the slopes, have come to enjoy.

In addition, we have also supplied artwork for the hallways of both of the resort’s 7 floor condominium and hotel room accommodations.


   LoDo’s Bar & Grill

Patron seating featuring:
President Theodore Roosevelt After a Speech in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, May 7, 1905
tinted photograph
40” x 60”
by Harry M. Rhoads
(image courtesy Denver Public Library)
  LoDo’s Bar & Grill is a notable sports bar in Denver’s popular Lower Downtown Historical District. The area has a rich history with savory characters haunting its Western past.

Next door to present-day LoDo’s is Mattie’s House of Mirrors. In its hey-day, Mattie’s was the most popular and elegant brothel between Kansas City and San Francisco.

These days, fans of the Colorado Rockies are the most likely characters to haunt LoDo’s with Coors Field just a block away. Mattie’s has been retrofitted as an extension of LoDo’s, serving both as overflow for its large weekend crowds and as a special event rental, complete with private bar.


  The operators of LoDo’s wanted to carry a sense of history through the spaces with interesting photos of sports and life in early 1900’s Colorado.

Each photo is tinted to highlight a focal point. In the image to the right, the wooden crates of beer, broken and dumped into a ditch, are tinted pine yellow. Other photos include the 1910 Manual High Women’s Volleyball team, Mattie’s House of Mirrors in the 1930’s (when it was used as a Buddhist temple), and three football players posing outside the Denver Athletic Club in 1901.

The photos are framed simply with a durable black moulding and glazed with plexi-glass. Attached to each is a plaque describing the what, when, and where and all the photos are installed securely to the brick walls.


Patron seating featuring:
Prohibition Bust, Lafayette, Colorado,1920’s
tinted photograph
30” x 40”
by Harry M. Rhoads
(image courtesy Denver Public Library)


  The Bailey Company - Arby’s Restaurants

Patron seating featuring:
open-edition poster
  We have been working with The Bailey Company for over 10 years, supplying artwork to their restaurants in Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming and Florida.

Working from floorplans that vary from location to location has kept it challenging. For the majority of the restaurant, open-edition posters are used to add color and interest.

All framed artwork, regardless of location, is framed with the same style of moulding and matboard in order to fall in line with their branded image and interior elements. This framing program also allows for artwork from one store to be easily relocated to another.

As with all artwork in public spaces, each piece is securely installed to reduce the chance of theft.


In each restaurant, there is at least one  wall that demands something more than a poster. For this, we have consistently contracted Denver artist Stephen McSpadden to create nature-inspired, cut-metal wall sculptures. His work helps to make each restaurant visually unique, a rare thing in a one-size-fits-all world.


Patron seating featuring:
Colorado Leaves
powder-coated steel
30” x 30” (each)
by Stephen McSpadden
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