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Inside Out Spaces II
chalk pastel on paper
22” x 22”
by Emilia Van Nest Markovich

Providing Clients With:
Realist Paintings
Hand-Blown Glass
Original Prints

Hilary DePolo
Visual Arts Consultant
313 W. Second Ave.
Denver, CO 80223
303-722-8676 - voice
303-733-3636  - fax

Hilary DePolo has successfully provided art consulting and art asset management to a broad variety of clients and Fortune 500 Companies.






acrylic on canvas, 47" x 84"  by David Foley


  Commercial Office Space  more information

  Cisco Systems Inc.   We help corporations select artwork for their interiors by representing their aesthetic interests and budget to the art community. Because we do not represent artists, we have the flexibility to meet any need or desire. We often work in conjunction with the interior architect or designer in order to ensure that the artwork complements the overall design.

As a full service company, our services begin with an initial meeting in the space, or over floor plans and color boards, and extend through the installation of every piece of artwork selected.

View in greater detail the client-specific solutions we have developed for previous commercial office space projects here.



Colorado Capital Bank


Pendleton, Friedburg, Wilson & Hennessey, P.C.

 Lobbies and Exterior Space    more information

The Pinnacle Towers
We work with developers, property management companies and private companies to enhance their properties and public spaces.

Artwork provides a finishing touch to a space that demonstrates an attitude of care and sophistication.

With this virtue in mind, it can also serve the more practical purpose of helping to lease or sell building space or residential units. And, as always, artwork provides for that great first impression that makes a property or space stand out in the marketplace.

View these projects in greater detail here.
    Catlin Properties  
    Lockton Companies, LLC  

 Hospitality   more information

    Beaver Run Resort   The hospitality industry is diverse with restaurants, bars, resorts and hotels. Each of our clients in this industry promotes themselves and their services through specific brands and themes. Underlining them all is the desire to please patrons and seeing that their interests are piqued and appetites fulfilled. We have consistently worked with our clients to reinforce their goals.  
    LoDo’s Bar & Grill    
    The Bailey Company – Arby’s Restaurants      
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