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Ice and Warmth
oil on canvas
48” x 48”
by John Lintott


Providing Clients With:
Realist Paintings
Hand-Blown Glass
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Hilary DePolo
Visual Arts Consultant
313 W. Second Ave.
Denver, CO 80223
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Hilary DePolo has successfully provided art consulting and art asset management to a broad variety of clients and Fortune 500 Companies.





Birthday Greetings
monotype 36” x 72” by Gary Paller

  Cisco Systems, Inc.
  Cisco Systems is a large multinational firm specializing in networking and telecommunications technology. Their goal is to be on the forward edge of their field...

Overland Park, KS reception seating featuring:
oil on canvas
42” x 62”
by Douglass Freed


  …and our goal as their art consultant was to provide that image to their clients.

It has also been important to Cisco that each of their regional field offices be given a local flavor. Each office showcases artists from the immediate region. We do the initial research on the internet. After the field is narrowed, we go to that specific region or city to meet the artists and see their work in person.

The framing is contracted to local vendors and we maintain management of the project as a whole.

Primarily, we work remotely using floor plans and color boards provided to us by the interior architects.

…[Hilary and her team] bring the skills and talent which has helped me to build an art program that is not only stunning in it’s beauty but reflects the passion that Cisco as a corporation applies to the design/installation of our field sales offices. Hilary and her team are trusted members of our design team.

-Ms. Melissa Allen
Manager Workplace Resources



Santa Clara, CA workstation area featuring:
Back and Forth
fused glass tiles
9 ½” x 9 ½” each
by Deborah Wayne


  Colorado Capital Bank

  Colorado Capital Bank is a rapidly growing firm with operations throughout Colorado. In each of their branches, we have consistently utilized local artists whose work reflects the landscape and cultural flavor of Colorado.

Cherry Creek, CO executive reception seating featuring:
Denver Lunar Skyline
powder-coated steel
30” x 60”
by Stephen McSpadden

While this client chooses to impress with original, often commissioned, artworks in their lobbies and conference rooms, they are able to utilize their budget efficiently with photography by Colorado artists…

detail of Clay Contour Series


Cherry Creek, CO executive boardroom featuring:
Clay Contour Series
ceramic wall sculptures
17” x 15” x 3” (each)
by Janey Skeer


…in each of their manager offices. This is a very client-specific application. Each officer is asked to select a piece, thus personalizing their work space.

We believe this type of personalization is necessary in order to create an office that customers and employees enjoy.




Client contact boardroom featuring:
Natural Watercolors,
river sediment suspended on linen
78” x 78” (24” x 24” each)
by Mario Reis
  Arcadis is a multinational environmental engineering firm. It was our task to bring them artwork selections that deal with the interactions of humans and their environment. Arcadis is an example of a company whose theme was very specific and whose art collection is very diverse in terms of artists’ techniques and materials. Especially fitting to Arcadis’ water reclamation projects are Natural Watercolors by Mario Reis (left). Each piece was created by floating a frame stretched with linen in various rivers of the western United States. The linen was left in the river anywhere between a few hours to a few days, after which it was carefully removed. The sediment collected on the linen is displayed in a grid.

Executive hallway featuring:
Nature Made vs. Man Made Series
lenticular photography
16” x 16”
by Bonnie Lhotka

As one passes the piece pictured above, the image shifts from the bird on the left to the water treatment pools on the right. The questions that the piece evokes, concerning our use of and dependence upon Nature, are hard to ignore.

  Pendleton, Friedberg, Wilson & Hennessey P.C.


This well established law firm, located in downtown Denver, is an excellent example of a client updating their office by reframing existing artworks. In so doing, they have retained budget dollars to purchase stunning additions to their collection. To the right are photographs of children from around the world by California photographer, Andy Katz. We reframed the photographs, making them more in line with the interior theme of the new office. We chose simple frames and matboards to reflect the clean, professional look of the interior elements and to place emphasis on the photographs themselves.


Reception seating featuring:
Glass Clouds
blown glass
84” x 28” x 8”
by Ross Neder


International Conference Room featuring: Children Around the World Series
approximately 11” x 14” each
by Andy Katz


These stunning blown glass pieces (left), by Arizona artist Ross Neder, were chosen for the reception seating area because of their inviting warmth and soft glow.



Reception desk featuring:
The Other Side of Sunset
mixed media on canvas
48” x 60”
by Marlene Grant

Above, is a rich, abstracted landscape, by Portland artist Marlene Grant. Placed behind the reception desk, it repeats the theme, color, and powerful expression of the glass by Ross Neder.
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